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Good Morning, Portland! Today's weather will be reasonable (high of 69, nice), but as the week progresses, temps will CREEP up to 90+ (terrible). Got to get things done today because I am simply not smart in the heat. Here's the news!

• On Friday afternoon, an amusement park ride at Oaks Park abruptly stopped, stuck in a position park officials have called its "apex position"—with riders dangling upside down in their seats. Portland Fire & Rescue's "high angle specialty rescue team" were able to return the ride to the ground, so the passengers could disembark, freeing the approximately 30 people from the spy-movie-climax-like scenario. Well played, all you Bonds. The AtmosFear ride will remain closed until further notice, while park staff work with the manufacturer and state inspectors to discern what went wrong, but the rest of Oaks Park reopened the next day. AtmosFear was a relatively new ride; it had been in operation since 2021, a release from Oaks Park management said.

• Rep. Suzanne Bonamici says she's taking Oregon's Project Turnkey—which converts former hotels and motels into short-term housing were people can connect with caseworkers and services—to congress to see if it could work on a national level. Seeing as the housing crisis is a national problem, the idea could be well-received... even with all the infighting and attention-seeking. We'll see.

• Despite the Portland pizza paradise hype engine that other pubs have been rolling out for a few years—as Jay Z says in Beyoncé's "Upgrade U"... "Yeah B, talk your shit..."—square Sicilian pizza stronghold Cicoria announced last week that it plans to close on June 29. The announcement cited "the rough and unforgiving market conditions Portland is currently experiencing," which is perhaps a surprising statement from a restaurant on SE Division at 34th, but I would characterize Portland's love affair with pizza as more of a slices and takeway vibe and less sit-down family style. Catch up on more local food world happenings with the Mercury's Food News.

• Speaking of food and murder, the Oregonian's true crime podcast about a Portland romance writer who murdered her husband has been climbing the podcast charts.

• US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy announced this morning that he is pushing congress to label social media with warnings similar to those found on cigarettes and alcohol. In an opinion essay he published in the New York Times, Murthy explained: "The mental health crisis among young people is an emergency — and social media has emerged as an important contributor."

• A mass shooting at a park splash pad in the suburban city of Rochester Hills, Michigan is the latest scene of surprising and brutal gun violence in the US. On Saturday, a 42-year-old man named Michael William Nash shot 28 rounds at families playing in a park, pausing to reload his 9mm Glock between sprays of bullets. Nash was later found dead in his home of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police investigating the case have yet to find any connection between the man and his victims, but said nine people were injured and some are in critical condition.

• Oof. Let's take break and look at these Japanese strawberry varietals.

• They said it shouldn't be done, but The Outsiders musical won the Tony Award last night for best musical. In fact, musicals had a big year. Stereophonic which won for best play, "has quite a lot of music" NPR's culture desk editor Jennifer Vanasco pointed out. While the Tony Awards are meant to highlight the best of Broadway and the larger theatrical world, the evening had so many movie stars you might wonder what the difference was between it any other awards show. "A 'little desperate' seems to be the current Broadway vibe," Vanasco wrote. Here's the whole list of this year's winners.

• There were so many fun parties this weekend, but then that one friend had a shortcut.

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