Say hello to our new blog column detailing the interesting, absurd and juicy experiences of former New Seasons staffers. As perhaps the only grocery store in the entire world that trains its employees to "say yes" to every customer request, the staff behind the counter have seen their fair share of crazy. Every Friday from now until we run out of ex-staffers, Blogtown will host bizarre and 100 percent unsubstantiated stories from staffers who just couldn't say no.

This week's installment: The Nester (as told by anonymous ex-employee Agent Mango).

The store really does create its own community and you see the same people every day. One person I heard about early on was "The Nester." When this little old lady came in, the other workers would be like, “The Nester is here!”

For a while no one knew who was doing it. We’d just find a shopping cart just abandoned somewhere with this really neatly arranged nest of products built in it.

Big stuff would be on the outside, like big bags of chips all around the sides of the cart, and then it would gradate down to smaller stuff in middle, like cookies of boxes stacked on their side. In the center there would be big piece of meat. It was like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. After a while, we finally figured out who it was, but you’d have to catch her doing it and it was impossible. She wouldn't nest every time she came in, so catching her in the act difficult. I don't know if anyone ever did successfully stop her. It was frustrating because when she did build a nest, we'd have to take the cart and take everything back, which takes a long time. I saw her once, I saw her in line for hot food. She was just a little old lady in a pink track suit, one of those old ladies who’s aging really well. She didn’t look like a crazy person, she looked like a soccer grandma. I don’t know what ever happened to her.

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