I wouldn't post this if it wasn't awesome. Charlie Sheen's media blitz continues to build steam in a new interview today with Fox Sports Radio's Loose Cannons (wha? who?). The whole thing is available here, but if you have better things to do today (I don't) check out a few choice excerpts courtesy of MovieLine:

On the possibility of doing season 9 of Two and a Half Men:
“I gave them my word so I would do that but not with the turds that are currently in place. It’s impossible. Can you imagine going back into the sludge pit with those knuckleheads at this point?”

On CBS’s threat to not pay Sheen for his work this season:
“Defeat is not an option. […] They are in absolute breach. I did nothing wrong. I expressed an opinion and I got the First Amendment behind me and an army marching behind me, to quote Eminem.”

On how being “nice” has gotten him nowhere: “I was a get-along guy for eight and a half years. I put $5 bil in the studio’s pocket. I put a half a bil in Chuck [Lorre]’s pocket. So, this is the fricking thanks I get? […] Dude, I should have been fricking walking in, handing out sandwiches, massages and handjobs. Yeah, I said it.”

On the rumored HBO series, Sheen’s Corner: “There are some talks about a thing that would give me the freedom to do something beyond the drivel that is this, I don’t know, this pukefest [Two and a Half Men] that everybody worships. I don’t know. I’m like, ‘Wow. That was another bad joke!’”

On whether he will appear at the Oscars: “Yeahhhh…that’s probably a place I should avoid just because it might cause a little too much attention. But I don’t have a tuxedo that fits anymore because my chest and my biceps are too big.

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