Fans of hating Katy Perry already know that, before she was molded by producers like Dr. Luke and The Matrix into a cipher for pseudo-lesbian nonsense mixed with a bullying adherence to traditional gender roles (and maybe paving the way for Sarah Palin?), Perry was a struggling Christian pop act. She even released an album under the name Katy Hudson filled with songs like "Faith Won't Fail" and the awesomely bad "Growing Pains".

Similarly, those who love Katy Perry - the REAL Katy Perry, not that painted hussy from the California Girls video - believe that she has not finished doing God's work yet. Namely Mary Perry Hudson, Katy's evangelistic mom, who is shopping around a proposal for a personal memoir lamenting the bathetic path her wayward superstar daughter has chosen. A New York Post article titled (in true NYP fashion) "Katy's boobs traumatize mom" goes into some of the ways Hudson's ministry has been affected by Perry's dirty pillows. My favorite quote:

Mary also writes that she hopes Katy is destined to be a worship leader — "a Kathryn Kuhlman type of healer . . .

"I recognized the psalmist gift in her performance. Yet she sang out, 'I kissed a girl, and I liked it,' while thousands joined her. One part of my heart soared . . . the other part broke for the thousands of hungry souls being fed something that didn't nourish their spirit, but fed their flesh."

Mary compares her mother-daughter relationship to the conflicts between Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, and Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie, "whose children have risen to fame and live contrary to their parents' beliefs." Mary also frets, "Oh, dear God, how can I save her from all this? The money, the fame, the network, the people surrounding her, how can I compete?"

Does x + time = y?