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A certain faction of Portland Twitter's been coalescing today around the plight of a pigeon apparently imprisoned in a vacant downtown building.

After protest group Portland's Resistance tweeted a picture of the bird's precarious circumstance—and insinuated breaking windows might be in order—an outpouring of support ushered forth.

DON'T #BREAKTHEWINDOW. According to a woman named Ashley at the building's brokerage firm, Commercial Realty Advisors NW, the bird has been freed.

"Our understanding is the property management company safely removed the bird about 2 hours ago," Ashley tells the Mercury. "Apparently there was an exterior hole to the building. That’s been sealed."

CRA began getting calls about birds in the vacant space last week, Ashley said. It contacted the Audubon Society of Portland, but Audubon doesn't retrieve pigeons. The firm eventually found someone to to the deed, though, and Ashley tells the Mercury that the bird is "alive and well."