I wouldn't go to the Lloyd Center MAX stop to prevent nuclear war.
They really scheduled a protest during the Rose Parade?
Take it to the streets to show all those pro-oil spill people!
Yeah, I'm not really sure on the efficacy of this one. BP has every incentive in the world already to take care of this, and the politicians do, too. A couple hundred folks from Portland really isn't going to make any difference.
It's not a 'couple hundred folks from Portland', it's worldwide; some of the cities include Berlin, Madrid, Johannesburg... This is real, let's do it people!
Um... the USA is playing against BP tomorrow. I mean England. Protest BP by cheering on the USMNT at 11:30 at your establishment of choice! A win by America is a victory over oil!
The GOP just blocked (twice) a Oil Liability Bill that would've raised the cap on the amount BP has to pay.

Oregon Senator Merkley was there at the committee.
I saw it on C-Span.
Hey how about we protest about the Bhopal disaster in India caused by an American company - that one has never been cleaned up, several thousand Indians died and the effects are still being felt, but was compensation paid???

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