Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer is madder than if someone filched his bowties. He Twittered this morning:


Egads! It's true. One of the first actual boots-on-the-ground things the new GOP majority has done is roll back the environmental measures introduced to the House cafeteria since 2007. So goodbye compostable utensils and trays, which some complained were leaky and flimsy, hello styrofoam! The Republicans will, indeed, have a legacy that lasts hundreds of years.

Blumenauer's staff sent me this photo of the Congressman with a genuine Capitol Hill styrofoam cup. "Though people say the old compostable trays were leaky, the new clamshell ones are smaller, flimsier, and contribute to a general sense of unhappiness," jokes Blumenauer's press secretary Derek Schlickeisen.