I saw these at the Interstate Fred Meyer last week. Ridiculous.
Does that say 'microwave-ready'? Oh lard that is disgusting. Do people really microwave it in plastic? It works just fine in a ceramic dish!
If you microwave a potato you are DEAD TO ME.
I wonder how much more you have to pay for that stupid, unnecessary plastic wrap. I've always been a little boggled as to how a 10-lb bag can cost less than $2 but individual potatoes are almost a dollar each.
This is an awesome feature for Blogtown. The best since Ezra was regularly ripping The Worst Sports Columnist In The History Of Sports Columnists. Please continue.
People are some lazy mother fuckers.
The film "Bag It" at the Hollywood Theater now is an awesome and funny look at plastic packaging. The wife co-star used to live in Portland. Many excellent moments, including picking up dog poo in paper.

Keep up the plastic column!
@Ginny The plastic-wrapped potatoes and the normal potatoes were the same price! But I forget what it was.

I'm glad you guys like the column. Maybe I'll hit up the Trader Joe's produce section next.
It' the grand parade of lifeless packaging, all ready to use.
It' the grand parade of lifeless packaging, I just need a fuse.
I used to think the plastic bag ban was a dumb idea, but for god's sake, individually wrapped POTATOES????!!! And bananas?! That ought be illegal. Enough of this crap!
I don't see why you people hate the convenience and obvious food safety that this sort of packaging creates for the average hard-working American consumer. Why do you hate freedom?
You can blame this on American's irrational fear that everything they touch could possibly give them Ebola.
QFC sucks anyway. They more or less refuse to stock local products, they're expensive as hell, etc. etc.
I like them french fried potaters.
@ScrumYummy: How is it lazy? It is the opposite of lazy. It's putting a physical barrier between you and a potato. I can get a shrink-wrapped potato and unwrap it first, or I can buy a normal potato and... IT'S ALREADY A POTATO!!1
Are they cleaned?

Because if that wrapping doesn't function to seal in the worm feces, I'm not buying it.
Big deal. I've been dealing with plastic-wrapped penises for 25 years. Now that's tragic.
C&B, I think I was semiconsciously channeling Mitch, "I don't need another step between me and toast!"
Safeway has Laura Palmer potatoes too. Except they're *organic*. So that makes it all okay.
That is just wickedsuperfucktarded.
@ cat & beard: Oh my! Ew no, I just meant that it seemed like that is what these potatoes are meant for, and if someone really wanted to do so there are many easier and less shrink wrapped ways.
Microwaved potatoes: acceptable when you're too drunk to cook any other way.
@theterminizer: It says "microwave ready" on the plastic, so I assume that means that you buy the plastic-wrapped potato and just throw it into the microwave, as opposed to a real potato, which would have to be washed first. WASHING A POTATO IS TOO HARD FOR SOME PEOPLE. I GUESS. that's what a plastic-wrapped potato says to me.
SO BLOGTOWN!! What do plastic-wrapped potatoes say to YOU?? "Hey, how's the weather?" "Lookin' good today, handsome?"

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