Sure it's slow moving, but solar jobs are on the rise.

Despite Solyndra's recent crumble, a new report shows that solar jobs have increased by 6.8 percent since last August. According to the 2011 National Solar Jobs Census, there are now 100,237 solar jobs across the nation with 6,735 created in the last year. Solar jobs, unlike many renewable energy marketse, have been on the ris over the past years, according to the press release:

“Solar is a job-creating phenomenon in an economy that is flat-lining, with near 7 percent year-on-year increase in the number of Americans working in the industry,” said Danny Kennedy, member of The Solar Foundation’s board of directors. “This is a sign of a thriving industry - due to the demand for lower cost, clean electricity that creates value in America.”

While any increase is good news, the boost pales in comparison to last year's 26 percent year-long growth.

But all is not lost, at least statewide. After Solyndra's closure, SolarWorld announced the closure of its California plant, adding that it will consolidate the buisnesses, adding the CA workers to the Hillsboro work force.