Modern medicine is both a blessing and a curse. While we create new drugs to battle diseases, over time, germs develop immunities to such antibiotics. This vicious cycle has led to one slightly terrifying trend: the rise of drug-resistant germs.

The global health nonprofit Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy has created the "ResistanceMap" to broaden international awareness on growing drug resistances across the globe as well as thoroughly creep you out. If you have OCD, this isn't the map for you.

The South faces more antibiotic-resistant drugs
  • Center for Disease Dynamics
  • The South faces more antibotic-resistant drugs

Northwest's lookin' pretty good, comparably.

The map can also be broken down to specific diseases, ranging from E. coli to pneumonia. On the international scale, The United States looks a lot better off than the other documented countries, especially Eastern Europe. Check out the pneumonia stats: The US got a resistance score on 19 on a scale of 100, while Greece got a 90. Yikes.

Keep washing your hands, folks. And lay off the spanakopita.