Like many of you, I worry about my ass. Especially during the winter months and especially, especially during the holidays. Duh. I mean for one thing it's too dark to go running before work, and too dark to go running after work too, which forces one to spend more time and money on the inside of a gym.

I have a place I'm happy with, but I never turn down the opportunity to try something new, and it's hard to believe that something like ClassPass hasn't already happened. It just launched in Portland, and it's essentially the gym equivalent of being able to pick your own cable channels. Basically you pay a monthly fee of $99, which yes, is more than your average 24-Hour subscription, but not that much more than what you frequently pay to be a regular at some of the nicer private yoga studios and CrossFit whatnots around town, and it gets you unlimited classes per month. But rather than having to commit to one style of exercise instruction, a ClassPass membership allows you to visit any of the participating gyms/studios in your city.

Unsurprisingly, the Portland options lean heavily yogic at the moment, but there are also dance studios, strength training, Pilates, Barre, and cycling. It's pretty awesome: When you're dealing with almost 30 studios' schedules, there's a class time for just about anyone's day, and the only real rule is that you have to mix it up—you can't visit the same place more than three times a month. I assume that more places will join if the program picks up speed, but if you simply must go to CrossFit eight times a month, say, you might want to hold out for another studio (or two) of that kind to sign up. However if whoring around to different yoga classes is your thing, you're pretty much good to go right now.

Ok for starters.
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  • Ok for starters.