The cast of Danger 5—Nazi dinosaurs not pictured. SBS

While I am a person of varied tastes, especially when it comes to movies and TV, when I’m rolling on weed, these same tastes become much more particular. I tend to enjoy shows and docs that are either smart (but not too smart), fun (but not abundantly clever), or a bit weird (but not wildly weird like that piece of junk Yellow Submarine—I’M NOT ON ACID, OKAY?). In any case, here are a few of my fave streams to watch while high—which may or may not include Bridgerton… I’ll decide that later.

Danger 5 SBS

Danger 5

Some people LOVE trippy comedy like The Eric Andre Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and anything with Tim & Eric, but honestly? That stuff makes my head hurt. But I do like a moderate amount of weird/clever, and the 2012 Australian comedy Danger 5 hits all my mental sweet spots. A rich parody of the marionette adventure show Thunderbirds (ooh… I should add this to my list!) and spy flicks of the ‘60s, Danger 5 is a live-action comedy about a super team of adventurers who tackle various assignments during World War II, which always includes killing Hitler, who barely escapes at the end of each episode—usually by diving out of a window. They also fight various jerks of the Third Reich, whose plots to take over the world include Nazi dinosaurs, Japanese robot pilots, and… the kidnapping of the Statue of Liberty?? Bastards!! (Anyway, this show is very funny.)

Streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi

The Planets PBS

The Planets

I love astronomy! In fact, I wanted to be an astronomer until I learned there was a LOT of math, physics, and even chemistry involved. (That’s bullshit, my friend.) So instead I guess I’ll just continue writing dumb pieces like this one and become an armchair astronomer, with help from a great documentary series like The Planets. This NOVA series from PBS spotlights each planet in our solar system with lots of gorgeous (and trippy) graphics, explaining how each came into being, along with super interesting facts that will blow your freaking mind. For example, did you know that it RAINS DIAMONDS ON JUPITER? The planet's crazy weather system produces lightning which zaps carbon soot, which then falls until Jupiter’s unbelievable pressure crushes it into raining diamonds! Hearing this fascinating fact inspired the following brilliant, high thought, “Maaaaaan, I’m totally gonna write a screenplay about a Jupiter diamond heist!”

Streaming on the PBS app or available for rent on Amazon

Harley Quinn DC Universe

Harley Quinn

Generally speaking I’m not a big fan of the DC Universe movies or cartoons because a) I’m an adult, and b) their stuff is too male-centric and stiff AF! However, the animated Harley Quinn is a hilarious, filthy-mouthed, feminist-forward knock-out. The titular Quinn (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) has dumped her boyfriend, The Joker, and is trying to make a name for herself by joining the villainous Legion of Doom—but is locked out due to… you guessed it… bullshit patriarchy. So instead she forms her own team of baddies voiced by a murderers’ row of very funny comedians, including Lake Bell (Poison Ivy), Tony Hale (Dr. Psycho), Alan Tudyk (Clayface/The Joker), Jason Alexander (Sy Borgman), and former Portlander Ron Funches (King Shark). Together they bumble through various (and violent!) crimes with lots of whip-smart comedy that makes every other DC offering look… well, not very good (which they aren’t). But it is good enough to make the bros at Marvel say, “Damn… wish we’d thought of that.” (Warning: Do NOT watch this filthy fun with the kids!)

Streaming on HBO Max

My Octopus Teacher Netflix

My Octopus Teacher

If the past four years with a manic despot leading the country didn’t traumatize you… well, you’re a lucky duck! But the rest of us have got some healing to do. In My Octopus Teacher, a burnt-out filmmaker (Craig Foster) deals with his own trauma by hitting the brakes on his insane career and spending a year obsessively filming—and eventually forming an intense relationship with—an octopus. Of course it sounds weird… because it’s super weird! But it’s also relaxing, the cinematography is gorgeous, and it may even inspire you to hit your own brakes and do whatever it is you need to do to heal (no matter how weird it may be).

Streaming on Netflix

Mars and Beyond Disney+

Mars and Beyond

As previously mentioned, watching astronomy stuff is great when baked! So if you’re a Disney+ streamer, check out the 1957 episode from the Disneyland TV series, Mars and Beyond. This part live-action/part animated special examines life on other planets (particularly Mars) and the challenges of spaceflight—years before we actually did it! The first half includes old-timey rocket experts (including former Nazi SS member Wernher von Braun… yipes!) theorizing on how to put a human in space, which is more interesting than you’d think… but the second half? CHEF’S MUTHAFAWKIN’ KISS! Disney’s fantastic animators imagine absolutely insane and trippy Mars creatures (think Fantasia… but waaaay stranger) and a dark, slightly forboding vision of humankind’s future flights to Mars—and if you’re a fan of '50s-style sci-fi graphic design, you will lose your goddamn mind (in a good, high way)!

Streaming on Disney+

Bridgerton Netflix


Okay, fine… let’s talk Bridgerton. You know, I could happily live my life without watching a single Regency-era, bodice-ripping romance. In addition, my brain can’t help but try to figure out and predict the outcomes of TV and movie mysteries (I figured out the identity of Lady Whistledown by episode three). But a certain person in my house loves these shows, and I love her, so I got high and watched all eight episodes of Bridgerton. And I did not hate it! In fact, I loved certain characters (especially certain character’s abs), as well as the clever racial integration, and the weed slowed down my racing brain just enough so I couldn’t predict everything that happened before it happened (though I still predicted a lot). I guess it just goes to show that everything, even a predictable romance that's being watched out of obligation, is far more tolerable while high.

Streaming on Netflix

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