Welcome to your winter quarantine! While the cold and rainy drenches (along with stay-at-home orders) are keeping us inside, there's no reason to go off the deep end. As it turns out, we humans are remarkably resilient and great at thinking of new, creative ways to stay in a positive head-space... especially when cannabis is around!

Hence we bring you the Mercury's "High-Brr-Nation Cannabis Guide" which is chock-full of stories about creative (high) people doing creative (high) things to keep their shit together during this verrrrry challenging time.

Included in our "High-Brr-Nation Guide" is a report about how cannabis is (unsurprisingly) booming during the pandemic, but its sudden surge in popularity is also pushing us closer to national legalization. We also have some very fun profiles of local weed leaders who are expanding horizons in bong-making as well as the cannabis culinary arts, such as the makers of sweet and savory edibles, and delightful CBD-infused teas and chocolates.

But that ain't all! As you know, pot pairs perfectly with screen time, and we have some excellent streaming suggestions for your high times, including lots of trippy shows and docs, the joys of gaming while blazed, how to do stoned online karaoke with socially distanced friends, and... the beauty and grandeur of YouTube "horse-girling" videos? (Trust me, you'll have to read and then watch it to believe it. But get high first.)

So what are you waiting for? Pop an edible, puff some pot, or hit a bong and dive headfirst into the Mercury's "High-Brr-Nation Cannabis Guide"—and watch this winter quarantine fly right by.


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(Psst... are you a creative type? Then why not submit a short film to our annual cannabis film festival, SPLIFF? That's not a rhetorical question. We really want you to do it!)