Okay... THAT was a year. And while the tragedies, injustices, and overall bad vibes of 2020 is threatening to ruin this holiday season, Portlanders are especially adept at making chicken salad out of chicken shit—so why not shoot for the most festive quarantine ever? "Oh, wow, good idea," you sarcastically smirk. "How in the holy hell are we supposed to do that?"

This is where the 2020 Mercury Food & Drink Guide rides to the rescue! Nothing says "festive"—even during the most trying of times—like delicious food, desserts, snacks, booze, and weed. And this year's Food & Drink Guide has all that and more! Herein you'll find out how to make a delicious holiday meal for less than 15 bucks, the best takeout options in the city, ordering your quarantine-friendly Hanukkah dinner, the best Chinese takeout, where to get the most divine side dishes in Portland, and where to grab 'n' go from our local BIPOC-owned restaurants.

And you better believe there's more! We'll also teach you how to bake your own weed-tastic holiday edibles, advise you on stocking the perfect boozy bar, and (because you're eternally generous) show you how to help and access the Portland organizations who are feeding those in need.

So turn that holiday frown upside-down and make this season the most festive ever with the Mercury Holiday Food & Drink Guide. And from the Mercury to you: Have a Happy Ho-Ho-Ho!


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