Portland's home to some great haunted houses (Fright Town, Scream at the Beach, the corn maize), but if you've exhausted the local supply and feel like going a little bit further afield, look no further than Milburn's Haunted Manor. Located in BFE Hubbard, OR, about half an hour outside of town, Milburn's is at the end of a series of long, dark roads from I-5, surrounded by empty expanses of field. Tonight from 7-10 pm is your last chance to experience Milburn's three haunts (Haunted Manor, Wicked-Wood Forest, and The Dark) this year, and what makes it worth the drive is the fact that all of the characters—who get up in your face, call you by name, and politely give you directions as you careen in hysterical laughter/fear around its dark, tight spaces—are high school drama kids. GOLDEN. While technically these kids are operating with a lower production value than something as polished as, say, Fright Town, they make up for the comparable lack of fancy props with enthusiasm and improv, plus lots of chainsaws, a couple zip lines (buzzing the heads of visitors is easily the best job on site), and nearly constant scares. My expedition last night involved much clutching of others' clothing and screaming and cracking up. If that ain't what Halloween is about I don't know what is.