The HUMP! 2024 deadline for submissions is coming right up—it’s a little less than six weeks away—but you still have plenty of time to make your HUMP! movie! While some HUMP! films are elaborate productions that require months to make (and we love those!), every year people submit movies they were inspired to make at the very last minute (and we love those, too!). Numerous short dirty movies have made it into HUMP!—and won HUMP! Audience Awards!—that were shot less than 48 hours before the deadline!

Your HUMP! movie may have already been shot!

Check your phone! That hot video you shot with your hot partner? Or that hot video you made for your hot partner? Come up with a title, get everyone’s okay, and submit your movie!

Remember: you don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to enter HUMP! Every year movies shot on iPhones by people who’ve never submitted anything to a film festival before—some shot at the last minute—make it into HUMP! And while we love and welcome elaborate HUMP! movies made by professional and/or aspiring filmmakers and performers, HUMP! has always welcomed—and HUMP! audiences have always loved—down-and-dirty DIY movies created by first-time filmmakers!

Your HUMP! movie can be about anything!

What’s erotic and/or pornographic is subjective and personal and sometimes deeply weird. (Weird in the best way!) HUMP! welcomes films that expand (or explode) our ideas about what porn is or can be. Salt-and-pepper shakers have starred in HUMP! movies! Trampolines, sexy folding couches, horny balloons, and the Space Needle have starred in HUMP! movies! Your film can be hardcore or softcore, live-action or animated, vanilla or kinky, funny or serious. HUMP! filmmakers are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, pan, ace, non-binary, genderqueer, and sui generis. Anyone can be a porn star at HUMP! and anything can be porn at HUMP!

HUMP! filmmakers are encouraged but not required to include a few props in their movies. If you want HUMP! audiences to know you made your movie just for them, work one or more of these props into your movie: Saran Wrap, ping pong balls, or water coolers. If you’ve already made a great dirty movie—if you’ve already got one on your phone—don’t worry about it! These props are not required! And if you’re making something more serious and including these props would work against your artistic vision, feel free to leave them out! The presence or absence of these props does not count for or against a film during the jury process.

Is there anything you can’t do at HUMP!?

No minors (OBVIOUSLY), no animals (DITTO), and no poop (BECAUSE). And your HUMP! movie can’t be longer than five minutes. Please note: five minutes is the maximum running time, not the minimum running time. HUMP! movies can be as short as 30 seconds. The HUMP! Jury reserves the right to suggest trims to filmmakers and HUMP! filmmakers have the right to reject suggested trims. 

Where does HUMP! screen?

When HUMP! first started, it was an in-theaters-only experience. And if you wanted to see the movies in HUMP!, you had to come to a theater and watch porn the way your grandparents did: sitting next to strangers in the dark. We began streaming the festival online during the COVID pandemic—with the permission of the filmmakers—which kept HUMP! alive and allowed audiences in cities HUMP! didn’t screen (or was banned!) to see the show. HUMP! now screens in theaters in North America, Canada, and selected cities in Europe. HUMP! also continues to stream online behind a secure paywall for anyone who can’t make it to the theater for any reason. We want EVERYONE to experience HUMP! 

And you’ll get paid if your movie makes it into HUMP!

There’s no charge to enter your movie in HUMP!—there’s never been a charge to enter HUMP!—and you can enter as many movies as you’d like. And every filmmaker whose movies make it into the festival gets a percentage of every ticket sold! 


The deadline to enter HUMP! 2024 is December 8, 2023. You can find all the details about entering HUMP! 2024 HERE!

You'll be able to see the 2024 HUMP! Film Festival in all its porny glory at Revolution Hall from February 29 through March 15—hosted by Dan Savage (hey, that's me!). Plus, if you're the traveling type, HUMP! will also screen in an additional 30-plus cities for the 2024 tour!  

Early Bird Discount Tickets go on sale December 4 HERE!