Start bringing a hammer or blunt instrument with you to the dog park That's what my dad did after the first time his dog got attacked.
Agreed FYI, I'd be chasing these assholes down! Bring your souvenir mini bat to the dog park people! Or a sock full of quarters.
If you don't need the quarters, go treat yo self to a nice coffee afterwards.
A dog is a lethal weapon. An off leash dog, is a threat with a lethal weapon. The dilemma is, do you defend yourself from the dog or it's owner?

If you subdue the dog's owner first, then the dog might actually manage do you serious harm, but if you subdue the dog first, then it might be considered excessive and retaliatory to subdue the dog's owner, afterwards, unless he gets pissed off enough about your having subdued his dog, to attack you personally, himself.
Have you or your dog been attacked at the dog park? Has your dog attacked another dog at the dog park. Have you or your dog attacked another dog or owner at the dog park? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may need expert canine legal advice.

Call the Law Offices of Ida, Knowles, & Dread at 1-800-EAT-(Dog)SHIT right now!!! Your initial consultation is absolutely FREE!!!! Note: Initial consultation may last up to 8hrs and will likely NOT address your concerns or have anything to do with your circumstances.
Under Common Law, a miss is as good as a mile and speed limits would be advisory only, unless there were to be a mishap, then ignorance would be no excuse.
^ Under Common Sense, you would be committed you QUACK.
Under Common Law, nobody would be committed, but if a crime were committed, a cow thief might be sentenced to indentured servitude or exile.
If a dog were to injure or kill a cow, the owner would have to compensate the owner, or whoever had an extra cow and replaced the old one to be of assistance. If unable to pay, then would have to work off the debt. Refusing to work, he'd be banished to the forest where all the other outlaws live. They aren't all nice guys like Robin Hood out there, you know.
^ Boob.

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