Bernie really won about two months ago. Fuck the White House. That's for the overachieving egomaniac, whichever one it will be.
right...winning is for losers.
Hillary may win but her voters will always be losers.
This morning Barach is hammering Bernie to play nice. I say what the hell !!!! This old man, a Socialist with a brain that thinks outside the present political agenda, is a real thorn in Hilliary's side. Oh Boooooooooooo Hoooooooooo.
^the GOP thinks his voters will support DT, the Dems think HC will gobble up his voters. I say our third party is here and Bernie won't cave. IT'S ON. but, I live with Mom and Dad with my wife and two kids, so I may not be on target.
I agree with vv. Living with your extended family is very un-American. Why? I heard a dad talking to his daughter about how she and Bernie don't know how the world works. I was disgusted at that. The kid is still in high school and she DOES know how the world works and she doesn't like it!
Cheating is for losers. For Bernie to get this far despite DNC bias, massive voter suppression and a virtual media black out is proof that he is the clear winner. Won't do much to change biz as usual this time around - but make no mistake - Bernie has already changed this country for the better.

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