Anonymous Jun 8, 2016 at 8:16 pm


I/Anonie, people like you throw a whole lot of shade, but your raggedy ass is probably the one that is on here more than anyone. Something tells me you spend more time on social media then all these commenters combined. Just saying. Maybe you should leave your house or office more, and you won't be so concerned about others and their faults. You are so 1980s.
This rant is stupidity stupid.
i/a-----your words of wisdom fall flat when you have more accounts than Hilliary. Now get out of your own house and get some fresh air. We will do just fine w/o your take on our lives.
Trayvon, you should be committed. Oh, that's right, they'll just throw your ass back out on the street!
^ And the author of this rant is...
Nice try, wacko!
Trayvon, I wish I would have thought to set myself up so perfectly. As it is, by commenting, I am annoying the author and you. The only thing that could make it better for me is if YOU wrote it. SO, I'm at least annoying you and possibly one of your other personalities, all while being insensitive to people with mental health issues. Have a day.
^ You mash out that gibberish, and I'm the Wacko? Mmmmkay.
so funny!

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