Anonymous Jun 9, 2016 at 7:18 pm


So you think by admitting you are afraid of shit in general, here on IA, that you are confiding in a "licensed professional"? Jeez people! Do you even read what you wrote???
"I just face my fears because I want to be a useful member of society" So you are brave because you are afriad? Afraid of being labeled "an ineffectual pucilanimous piece of shit pretend friend to humanity"? Your mom called. She wants her baby boy back.
I/A, I like Portland Mercury Anonymous because of the rants, confessions, and nutty things that seem important to those who sign in here. I think this may be for a personal some one special to you. Even if you just wrote this because you felt like sharing your thoughts, that is alright with me. This is a good read, I like it very much.
^Aurelius 141, you are one of my favorites here, I am not sure this refers to a baby boy and his mom, but that was funny too.
Thanks STM.I like your stuff too. I know it seemed harsh, and it was late so I slacked on keeping my comment gender neutral. I'm genuinely sympathetic to this writer, if the letter is real. But unfortunately this blog is saturated with fake IAs who have watered down its free speech appeal with tongue-in-cheek reverse psychology rhetorical bullshit. This letter is riddled with clues that its not a real IA, but another weak attempt to stir conversation as the original concept of IA dies a slow death at the hands of the ad revenue sucking, souless traitors that ruined PDX's best alternative weekly. There I said it.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... and Super-Aids.
Killer Bees, on their way to Portland. Earthquakes coming. Oh this rant is so give Peace a chance. i HATE THIS RANT. I am going to vomit.
Aurelius, So I'm listening to some "old school reggae mix" smoking "Best Shit Ever"(Multnomah Village!) and I read this: "tongue-in-cheek reverse psychology rhetorical bullshit"= Mind fucking Blown. Perfect Sunday morning.
Haha thanks for the "like"

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