Those of us left behind in this hellhole will surely wail and gnash our teeth at being unable to make the same bold move. Those folks in Charlottesville are SO lucky to have you. I'm sure there are no imagery people there. And there probably aren't needle marks all over downtown Char-town, amirite?
I/A, you need to leave real soon. It will not get better, and will only get worse. It was so nice to have you in this city, and I bet you will awaken new ideas in Cherryhaul,Va. Don't look back, you have tried like hell to show people in Portland the way. You are an inspiration to all you know.
With a little luck, the overall literacy rate will move up slightly right after you leave.
Amen. Could've written this myself. So glad others are seeing it for what it really is. This could have been a great city but it's turned into a pig in lipstick with false eyelashes.
Anyone see the Portland episode United Shades of America with Kamau Bell? It almost makes me embarrassed to admit I live here sometimes. The NW landscape, restaurants, and beer make it tough to leave though. If the beer sucked, I would've been out of here 2 or 3 years ago.
Portland is a great place to be an alcoholic!
I second the alcoholic vote. I am now on my 4th Drambuie, counting,counting,almost shit faced.
Waaaaaaaaa. Another white privileged baby wants his bottle back.
When people complain about white privilege, sadly, it reinforces the paradigm of inequality.

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