Anonymous Jun 14, 2016 at 2:17 pm


When someone needs money, but they are too proud to ask, that is the time that you slip a twenty or two in their hand and tell them to pay it forward when they are back on their feet.
I live outside the city center, and occasionally give people I know who are broke 15 an hour cash for some help around the house.
My total donations to crust punks asking for spare change totals zero dollars and no cents. But I have occasionally slipped a twenty to a young family in line at the grocery store, when I have seen Mom trying to stretch the Oregon Trail card as far as she could (beans, cheap cheese, bag of cereal) and I see clean kids in clean used clothes.
It almost seems like the OP and the Rev have identified the kind of folks who need help the least. The ones whose bootstraps are just a little bit too short right now. What about the crazy-eyed panhandler whose partner slapped her around and kicked her out because he didn't want to share his fix and was tired of her whiny kids? Who doesn't have boots, let alone bootstraps? I'm more likely to slip some cash to the one who reminds me least of myself. The one whose story I could never guess, but who looks like their day could be made a whole lot better really easily.

I give things, not money. Bus tickets, food, an extra coat. Personal preference.
"His English isn't so well". Classic. I don't make fun of typos or auto correct gone wrong, but I am continuously shocked at the number of people I read from online who have the writing skills of a fifth grader. Its a shame that this guy's friend probably speaks better English than him but has faced discrimination for his ethnicity and slipped through the cracks. Sad world...
I understand not being able to put this guy up or support him financially, but what you could do Poster, if you really care, would be to do some research for him on local programs and organizations that can help him get on his feet and provide that information to him. In other words, support him helping himself. And, if you are a really nice person, maybe a prepaid cell phone so he can access those resources. Just a thought.
Your just so special and caring.

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