Anonymous Sep 5, 2016 at 5:47 pm


"I want to sing, i want to paint, i want to sculpt something massive!!! Whoahh!"
At first glance I thought title was Perpetual Terrorists.
Imagine all native Parisians ("native" meaning has lived there for more than 3 years) acting all grumpy and xenophobic like they were the ones who originally moved in and built the whole place by themselves from scratch.

That's what it's like interacting with Portlanders these days. Parisians too, probably.
It's easy to be a Portlander, just move to Portland.

Just think, the majority of the natives were all losers, so they really don't know shit anyhow.
So far, I have so many things and places in Oregon I want to see and do. Paris may be great, but not in my budget.
Hey Kneejerk McComment:

There's a difference between being new and being an asshat. Unfortunately, the Venn diagram shows a disturbing overlap between the two these days.

Newbiness is no crime. Being a clueless, entitled doosh should be.

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