Less than 3 feet from the curb is your mark for "good parking"? No wonder everyone in Boston is so angry all the time. Fuckin' A.
I'm tired of everyone claiming how long they've lived in the city. This should be an unspoken rule to save people from embarrassment - anyone who's moved to a city (I'm naming coastal cities for the sake of the argument).... Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, LA... you are a transplant like most people who moved to the city. If you were born in the city then you can call yourself a local. Besides that, stop with the whole, "I've lived here for X years, I'm a local and I hate how the city is changing..." Don't you think people felt that way when YOU moved in??? Geez.... White people problems #84527452.
Badluckpalms, there is no place for factual accuracy in the I/A comments section. Take your cah and go back to Bahstahn.

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