All these people who have very unshakable and fierce stances on gun control, restrictions, regulations, what have you. I agree, not doubt, but thanks for trying, and thanks for portraying yourself in a way that isn't already super insincere.

Come on, if you have a solution, then make it so. Do it! Don't just post what you think, and what you believe, then have all out war comments about it.

"My dad is the most responsible gun owner around." "Better background checks." Better this, better that. More and more this and that. I stopped reading the second I saw the topic.

It won't matter. All it will take is one person, who shows no sign, with no history of violence, drugs, or criminal behavior, to break. Someone who will cross them, an event to crush their heart, soul, and spirit, a moment in life that sends them spiraling.
It's just like suicide.
These are fucked up times we are living in, in a fucked up city with other priorities.