Don't go to bed thinkin' it will be alright. It wont. You'll die someday and there's likely no afterlife to backup your hope that everything will get better. You might have money right now, and a nice house and a decent car and a nice spouse and some great grilling spatulas. You might even be looking forward to some paid vacation. You could have a couple sweet things going on the side. You might even have an opinion about what type of Akvavit goes better in some sort of drink that you order to impress some people you don't actually care about. You could have a motorcycle that you never ride but when your coworkers are over you like to show off because you've decided your counter-culture.

The reality to this chaos is that it will evolve and magnify if our entire species doesn't stop throwing shit at each other. We won't make this decision because we are animals. Your comfort fuels the need for conflict, and at some point your comfort will be sacrificed to maintain the status quo; but you won't know to live in that world. Your probably already ghosting out. Vice is lovely in that regard, is it not?

Own up to the future that you've made for yourself. I know this might seem like Red Pill shit, because it is. You don't have to be anything. You don't have to dance. We need you, your mind, your love, your acceptance. Please make the decision to build some solutions that are outside of everything that has ever been told to you. Make something new. Please.

Go figure it out for yourself. American comfort isn't worth it.