Sick of both of these things. Facebook is the worst thing to have ever happened to American culture and society. The Arts Tax is just dumb.
All Facebook does is give miserable, boring, and plain people a platform to seek out attention for otherwise everyday, commonplace lives, then makes it look ever so fascinating and poignant because it is publicized. It's just a news story for the masses that anyone can have a spot to be on TV. People just want to be heard because they normally aren't to get their moments of fame. It's stupid fame seeking every second of the day for very dull events that I don't need to be distracted by.
Facebook is just high school. The arts tax was voted for mostly by parents, mostly moms who didn't want to pay for extra curricular art programs, supplies, and education. What better way to get the kids involved in arts and culture so force them to do it for a career that is falsely noble and hasn't attained the term "starving artist" for nothing. Then buy them smart phones and let them mindlessly peruse the phones everywhere they are, including the living room couch and their own damn bedroom. Or the dinner table where parents say, "this is family time, so no phones," yet the parents do the same damn thing on their own time. Getting off topic
I'm still on Facebook, why? I've always paid the arts tax, why? I will never own a smart phone.
This world is an ironic mockery of how vain people are.