Anonymous Jul 30, 2018 at 2:26 pm



I'm a solitary person, I'm happy in my life and what "I" am making of it. If I had to deal with a needy fuckwit like the OP, well I might just try to accelerate that lonely unhappy ending.


I am sorry you feel that way. Definitely disagree. You can be alone and not lonely. You can also be surrounded by people and be incredibly lonely. Relationships of any kind are a two way street and involve energy and input and participation by both parties. Always.


This kind of pathetic self-pity is understandable given the thousands of cultural messages we get every damn day to this effect. Understandable, but not the only option. Stage a rebellion, stop drinking the kool aide that looks mysteriously like piss. There are ways of valuing yourself outside of your relationships to other people.


You can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends. But if you can't maintain friendships you are highly unlikely to find a partner that will stick with you till the end. Either way even if you are surrounded by friends and family and even a romantic partner you are always alone in this life and until you accept that fact you will continue to drive others away in an effort to substitute a true love of self.


cue sammy davis ,jr.: "i can't be right for somebody else if i'm not right for me...".

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