You tell me that my "complaining" is a problem. How is your bragging any better?
Oh, how nice for you that you get to travel all over the world. How nice to have a safety net of rich parents you'll always be able to lean on. How nice of you to tell me about all the girls you're banging.
Guess what? I don't have that shit. I start everything I've done from nothing. And it's all gone. Taken from me by an economy of turds who won't pay a fair rate.
Somehow talking about my problems like LOSING MY FUCKING BUSINESS isn't worthy of conversation. Now, instead of getting to use my college degree, I'm stuck doing manual labor. I'll never get the very simple things I need in life, and you always get everything you want. It's infuriating, I'm considering not being your friend anymore.
Tell you what: just keep your bragging to yourself, and I'll do my best not to knock you the fuck out next time you give me shit for having legitimate grievances.