Not for the first time, I, a lifelong Portlander, worker, and grandmother, feel morally bound to confront the willful blindness of City Hall, and the overt despotism of the Portland Police, regarding their unrelenting support of violent criminals at the expense of Portland residents.

My daughter supports the antifascist cause, and as a believer in democracy and human rights, so do I. Throughout more than a year of protesting PP, and the Proudboys, I have never witnessed the police do ANYTHING to support the community they claim to serve. Instead, they treat us like an enemy army, attacking us with the very weapons and training for which we, the tax base, have paid.

Meanwhile, the Proudboys troll our streets, abducting, assaulting, raping and torturing anyone they feel like victimizing. They claim to stand for "freedom of speech". Since when is RAPE a constitutionally protected form of speech? Assault? Attempted murder? Who invades the hometown of whom? Do atifa volunteers go into other people's communtites, armed and eager to inflict harm?! NO!!!

We protest against their violence, not their conspicuously absent "patriotism", and you, Mayor and Police, inflict still more violence upon us.

Shame on you.