To the guy from okcupid with whom I met up last week for what I thought was going to be some hot, respectful sexytime - thanks for reminding me once again that so many dudes are assholes. You self-identified as sex-positive, GGG - and, I inferred (incorrectly), a feminist. The sexting was fun, I'll give you that. You asked me how I feel about being photographed and I said I'm open to it, but need to get to know you and trust you more - to which you said that you'd just have to build my trust. I also expressed that I'm tired of feeling like some dude's cum dumpster - I want to be treated like a human. I think you understood. I just don't think you gave a fuck - which explains why you grabbed your phone as you were fucking me from behind and began snapping away. I now feel shame because I didn't stop you. Awesome! And then, to top it all off, within 30 seconds of jizzing you grabbed your computer and sat on reddit for an hour and a half - it could not have been clearer that you were done with me and ready to discard me to the trash. Lucky for me I had just smoked weed and couldn't drive so I just had to lie there next to your pathetic ass while I sobered up, feeling disgusting. You're a creep, and ruining it for the all the horny ladies who want to ride some cock and still maintain their dignity.