I want you to know something. Remember how I used to shelter / save your drunk girlfriend from the clutches of your drunk abuse? you know, before her and I had a sudden falling out... you know... while you two were still spreading your trainwreck-couple-dirge-n-drama all over Washington? Well this all started when I stupidly stuck up for you and called her out when she would come over and complain and complain about all the money you owed her, about you being a stunted boy with idiot brained response mechanisms. She would tell me how you would get impotent and violent. And i stuck up for you because I thought I understood who you were. I was terribly wrong and I'll always regret that.
Anyway, ever wonder why we stopped being friends, me and her? It's quite simple. After I called her out for being your equal in crazy, gross and violent - I discovered she was fucking your arch-nemesis - and when she knew I knew she was fucking your arch-nemesis and didn't want you to know - she got real anti-me. And hey, I kept my mouth shut. I didn't tell her 'cause I thought you'd hurt her. Hurt her more than you had already (or kill each other). That's on me.
Now look at you: drunk, disgruntled, alone and stuck with her dog! She's with somebody new, even after fucking somebody you hated and knew all the while she was "trying" to keep together with you. I'm not worried for her safety anymore - I'm damn certain her new boo would kill you, that's the truth. cuck-a-doodle-doo and fuck you.