I boarded the bus, and you and your friend were already on. I was going to work for 8 hours. Then I started to notice how excited you were and pointing out everything you saw. Then you started talking louder, so much so, I could hear you through my head phones. I couldn't exactly hear, but I thought maybe "F" bombs were dropping. Soon enough, a Tri-met person who was training another driver turned around and said something. It was likely to watch your language, I'm guessing.
Then after my 8 hour shift, I'm headed home, and it's you and your friend again. Of all the buses, times, and people, the fact that I see you again reminds me how much the forces of nature and cosmos is working against me sometimes. I like my rides to be moderately peaceful and there you were still yapping away and super duper excited. Where did you go? What did you do for those 8-10 hours? Also, do you ever SHUT THE FUCK UP!