I'm a 6th generation Oregonian from the rural parts and I've been living in Portland for about a year now. Portland is a city of transplants, I feel like most of the people here aren't originally from Portland. Thank God.

Transplants, I do love you. Sure, your gentrification habits are incredibly harmful and your idiotic lack of ability to use public transit or a bike is making our roads impassable, but you're straightforward, honest, and hard working. OG Portlanders are some of the most arrogant, selfish, passive aggressive, and least worthy people of this region I have ever met. My family always trash talked Portlanders and now I understand why.

No, this isn't a magical sacred place filled with untouchable human historical artifacts. No, you don't have more of a right to this city or land than anyone else. No, nobody can understand your passive aggressive grunts, say what you mean. No, ghosting isn't a stable long term strategy for the entire population to practice. No, you're not better for being here longer or even for being born here, it more than likely makes you suck even more.

Maybe the people who have been pushed out because they can't afford to live here were better than the ones we have left, but can we get rid of like, a lot of the Portlanders left? Or at least get rid of the attitudes and lack of ability to communicate functionally?