Penthouse has given you a forum. has given you a forum. Your company's own Twitter handle has given you a forum. Now the worst PSU student on the planet has given you a forum on a version of Gawker for stunted individuals who overestimate their intellect. You've been given ample opportunity to share your side of the story, and Portland has still opted out of buying what you're selling. You're running your spouse's business into the ground and you're making it increasingly reliant upon a segment of society that views the free market as paramount. There is no way this ends with your spouse's business still operating in Portland, or its products serving as much more than Libertarian paperweights. This city should've shunned you all the way back to Brooklyn when you exploited a family's tragedy to "own the libs." Now, after you gave a worried employee a copy of your book as a comfort object, you're seeing why her reaction to you is mirrored by so many people: Because we're horrified that someone with seemingly no self awareness can continue to exist here. Go home, and beg for your family's forgiveness.