To all the people freaked out about the Corona virus for fuck's sake stop hoarding the goddamn toilet paper and rubbing alcohol. I cut my finger today and no, I didn't have rubbing alcohol at home because I just happened to move into a new place and had gotten rid of a lot of old stuff.
Sadly, I wish I had that bottle of rubbing alcohol that sat on my shelves collecting dust for 7 years. Now I can't even go and buy toilet paper to wipe my ass or some Isopropyl alcohol to clean a wound from an accidental cut in the kitchen. ( I could have used vodka but that's besides the point)
Calm the fuck down people. Wash your hands like you always should and stop preventing people that could have extreme matters on their hands from needing the things that they need to survive by wiping the stores clean across the city.
What if there was some serious incident where someone needed some first aid and they go into the grocery or pharmacy and can't buy anything because the shelves are cleared out. It's infuriating that people panic and have to hoard crap and YES when I do get my hands on a bottle I'll never throw it away, just in case..... p.s. at least I have toilet paper at the house