This one is a two-parter:
1. Fuck Hufflepuff. I see this idea being spread across the land that identifying as a Hufflepuff is this cool, nifty, underdog thing to do. Nope. Hufflepuff sucks. And you do too. And you kind of know it, right? So take that knowledge and buy yourself a fucking clue. No one likes Hufflepuffs. That's why the killed off C. Diggs.
2. Joggers in a time of a viral, airborne pandemic....You ARE the actual Hufflepuffs (see #1 for an understanding of how they are viewed), and you need to understand one thing: it is YOUR responsibility to cover your fucking mouth because YOU are huffing and puffing and amplifying your potential germload farther and wider than the pedestrians you barely avoid on your jog. YOU do not get a pass on mask-wearing because you are choosing to exercise. Kindly fuck-off, mask up, and stay the fuck away.
Thank you and jah bless!