You had ten minutes to get your shit together. We waited at the same bus stop for the same bus. This became known later. 10 minutes to have your fair ready. So you board and now with your multitude of pockets, your fair or money can't be found. Driver is waiting and we all are. There you are for the first 3 minutes searching for it furiously in all your pockets. Then driver takes off because you're still looking. Your mask is off the whole time but you sit up front still looking for whatever. Another 3 minutes later, you find something and put your mask on. You negotiate with the driver now because you don't have enough money. I will commend you. Good job getting your mask on. I know that's difficult to do with 10 minutes beforehand. That's not enough time. Good job paying what you could. Times are tough and 2.50 is too much. I don't know if this is comical or upsetting.