Some say stealing from the rich is okay. Robin Hood and such.
Most thieving though is downright dickery caused by dicks who otherwise should get what penalty comes to them, and a beatdown I would like to see.
These asswipes are otherwise terrorists.
I kinda witnessed a robbery at Mario's in downtown yesterday.
So I saw a large group of boys standing across the street. I thought they were going shopping. It didn't appear very suspicious to me, but they were hanging out there for a long time. After returning, I saw a commotion then one kid slow run by me being yelled at by someone else. Had I known, I could've probably tackled him.
Later it all came to be a robbery. 10-12 guys entered Marios, stole about $10,000 worth of merchandise and knocked over the security guard.
This is why. Here is why we will never move forward. Here is why we will always be cautious of strangers. Here is why security is needed in stores. Here is why these dicks give every other shopper a bad name. Here is why you cannot trust anyone, any stranger. Fucking Assholes like this. When I saw them, they were just "normal" looking kids going shopping on Black Friday.
And they in all likelihood had a nice meal the day before with some family.
Fuck these kind of dick assholes.