If i had a dollar every time I walk by a person on the street, or by their house, and they stopped doing what they were doing to take a look at me, I'd make 20 bucks a day at least.
Whether mowing the lawn, working on a car, washing a car, smoking a cigarette, phone surfing, sitting on a porch phone surfing, having a conversation with someone else, ordering food, standing in line for food, building stairs for a porch, taking out the garbage, flaggers and their construction buddies standing around, reading a book or magazine, watching a movie on their phone, every single soul I walk by, stops whatever it is they are doing to look at me. What are you wanting to seen? What about me walking by can take away your concentration from your tasks that if you did pay more attention to, you be better and more efficient at. No hello, just stares. Are you that bored with your own activity?
I've deduced maybe two things about this scenario. One, someone will look almost like for acceptance. Like whatever they're doing, are they doing it right or are they being weird? Almost like, don't judge me. Two, out of paranoia, for real example, someone's taking out their garbage, and I'm walking by, they'll literally stop and watch me the whole time I walk by. WTF? I've come to think this as paranoid awareness of surroundings like I'm a thief in the neighborhood.
Come on guys, concentrate on your own shit.