It's been happening alot as of late. I don't know what to think about it.
So stoned, the couch and movies, and munchies are just about all day. This will only lead to fat and not feel good physically with all that inactivity.
There are moments of creative inspiration. It's a little more ADD. I get really goofy, really introspective but too much in my own head and my head is not always a good place.
One thought I had recently was about the packaging of cookies. Same brand, but one bag had all the cookies in a plastic tray, ready to snack on. The other bag, the cookies were sealed in a plastic wrapper also with the tray both in the big outer packaging bag.
That blew my mind. I thought about the production of them. Is it done by hand? Or machine? Those machines do amazing things. I can just picture that production line. And how the hell is the plastic wrapped and sealed around two indivudual stacks of cookies, on a tray, in a bigger bag? That's a lot of work manufacturing these things sold in high volume mass production.
Then I'm chowing down, and saying to myself stop munching, man I'm stoned.