Are you blind? More politely sight impaired?
Didn't think so.
Does your neck not work and are you not able to bend?
Oh, you're just lazy.
You can't see what I'm pointing at? Even if you could see what I'm pointing at I wouldn't be able to verbalize what I'm pointing at because there is no label identifying what I'm pointing at.
Let's say you can't see? So again I have no other way to tell you what I'm pointing at because there is no label for me to specify.
Hence, why I'm pointing.
Now you cannot hear?
Or shall I say I have to repeat myself because you are incompetent for listening and paying attention.
I'm listening to music on earbuds. I can still hear you, I say to you. I could still understand our whole interaction.
Because you are unable to help me out, which isn't hard unless you thinking bending is hard, which I'm guessing you think it is, and by having a job it means doing the least you possibly can, that you'll likely fall short of everything you aspire to do.