The disproportionate amount of WOC that are victims of racist and hateful incarceration, their rights and safety, does that matter to you? Then why, when we know cops can be racist and hateful, that our court systems are built on white male supremacy, are we allowing men to self ID into whichever prison they want, no matter their crime history, where vulnerable people could be locked in with r******? The trans community deserves space from predators, and cis women need space for themselves, too. Predators need their own wing away from anyone they can victimize, the Trans Community Need their Own Wings, and cis Women Need Their own prisons, because these people deserve these basic rights, and half'assed solutions make a terrible situation worse. Who will stand for those who are victimized by assault? Who will speak for those who need a Safe Space Away from predators who attack other people? Who will stop the genocide happening to the Uyghurs in China? Who will stop the kids in cages, or detentention (concentration) camps?