You goddamn fucking rain drops, hitting the plastic/metallic gutter drain outside my window. Fuck you!! Drop drop drop drop drop, from fucking several stories above me. The power of the fall! Driving me crazy!! And what's with the thumping one? The deep mass heavy drop that sounds like it's hitting an upside down plastic bucket? The other drops I know I can find a way to cover up with white noise. But the mass heavy drops I can here in my pillow. Sounds like a noise coming from the apartment below me. Except there IS no apartment below me. It's just me and my continuously sonically ravaged psyche, forever being plunged into sleep depravation that's going to destroy my work performance until I get fired, my life is destroyed, and I have to jump off a bridge screaming, "GODDAMN FUCKING RAIN!!" Course no one will know what I'm talking about and just think I hate the Portland weather. One more schmuck who couldn't take it. Luckily the summer's coming. Then I gotta move before these drops comes back.