The PPA is supposedly a professional organization, why is it using the same communications strategy as my grandmother who locks her car doors every time a person of color walks by.

The PPA’s chosen form of communication speaks volumes about the level of competence and seriousness they bring to discussions.

They don’t host community meetings.

The don’t perform outreach functions.

They don’t help their members keep up with the latest developments in policing.

They rarely provide press releases to the public.

They don’t have anything resembling a message plan.

Their communications “strategy” is making reactive rants posts on Facebook.

This strategy helps them obscure from Portland how little support in reality they have from Portland residents for their backwards ideas and actions.

This strategy allows them to piggy back on Facebook’s network of police cult extremists to delude their external engagement as “an outpouring of community support.”

This strategy allows them to leverage “engagement from around the globe” to affect Portland civic discussions (not an uncommon strategy for Law Enforcement tOday.)

It’s clear they have zero interesting in actually serving the Portland community let alone protecting it. Just look at the years of their commenters’ calls to harm against Portlanders on their page and posts.

In reality our civil servants who put their mental and physical health on the line for the ideal of creating a space where Portlanders can thrive have been poorly served by Darryl Turner and the PPA leadership for a decade.

It’s clear PPA leadership only serve themselves, they’ve spectacularly failed to protect their members interests, let alone Portland’s residents.

If you can’t play anything but checkers, at least learn fucking the game.

It’s time for the PPA to be dissolved and officers allowed to join a larger public employee union for truly effective representation.