Dear Sen. Wagner: Thank you so much for writing back about my concern about my state tax bill being hundreds of dollars higher because of federal stimulus payments which were supposed to be tax-free. Your response indicated to me that even though it was a concern of mine, it was not a concern of yours. I was hoping that the rest of the Oregon legislature would take this matter more seriously than you did. However, I read in The Oregonian this morning that although the legislature knew about this problem, it chose to not address it. This is very disappointing to me, as it is for many Oregonians earning under $70k per year (such as healthcare workers, teachers, and social workers like me). As the article suggested, fixing it would have been a no-brainer, if only state legislators gave a hoot. How cynical to unfairly overtax those who can’t afford it, then acknowledge it, and then just shrug it off. But hey, at least you kicked out Nearman, as maintaining the sanctity of the club appears to have been more important. I am hopeful that you and your colleagues will cite this event when trying to understand why so many people feel that the government doesn't really care about them, and why so many people are suspicious of it. I will never understand the appeal of Donald Trump, but I understand it a little more now. That said, I do honestly appreciate that you actually wrote me back. This is more than I can say about your colleague Rep. Salinas. Have a great summer!