Always stop and examine what you're doing. Always stop and examine the goals that you have, and compare them to the goals of the people you choose to follow. Are you, as a follower, emulating the person you're following; or are you doing as they say, not as they do?

People are easily manipulated. The easiest way to manipulate an individual is to make them think they are on the Righteous Path. Because, once on the Righteous Path, the individual believes they can do no wrong.

Right now in the US, and especially in the NW, and even more so especially in Portland, many people are following do as a I say, not as I do folks, and they believe they are on the Righteous Path. They are not. They are being used for someone else's political means.

What's more, those political means are counterintuitive towards the actual goal the individual on the Righteous Path believes they are fighting for. Causing a traffic jam to protest car pollution is an example. How many more examples can you name and find in your daily life?

Some people thought I was picking on Social Justice Warriors in my last post.

I wasn't. I was pointing them out as being easy to manipulate because they believe themselves to be on the Righteous Path.