Senator Sinema:
Wow! What a day you had yesterday! What an impact on the country! In one day you embarrassed the President, stabbed your party in the back (while making the Republicans very happy), sold out minorities and others who will lose their right to vote and gave start to the end of this democratic experiment.
In your speech (which deviously preempted anything the President was going to say) you talked in contrived emotional tones about the filibuster as if it were a dear friend, as if it were a safety valve for our nation, as if it were a treasured legacy from the Founding Fathers when it is a relatively recent bureaucratic relic from the Jim Crow era, as if it's some tool of civility or compromise when the Republicans are actively exploiting it to block legislation that would protect our preeminent and foundational right – the right to vote.
You appear to be a self-serving, self-absorbed and aloof, grandstanding pretender with no sense of history, no sense of the weight and gravity of the moment, no sense or consideration of the impact of your actions on the lives of others. With your performance you have almost assured that this country is well on its way to hell in one of your designer handbags.
Yes, that was quite a day, the consequences of which will play out for generations.