To the used condom who stole that dog stroller off our porch: That stroller wasn't our delusional attempt to turn our dog into a dolly or a baby. No, what you stole was a wheelchair for an old dog whose painful arthritis and inflamed spinal discs often cripple him so much that he can't even mount the two steps up to our porch (did you notice the ramp?). That dog wheelchair allows us to walk him as far as he can go and then, when he starts to go lame we can wheel him the rest of the way. He likes it, we like it. That dog wheelchair cost us 200 bucks. After all his vet, prescription, and MRI bills, we can't afford another one for a very long time. I know you don't care. You either think it's funny or only see it in terms of how stealing it benefits you. That's not the point. I doubt if you think much about anything. The point is that you stole a crippled dog's wheelchair. I have no doubt you would do the same with a child's wheelchair if you had half a chance. That is pretty fucking low.—Anonymous