I, Anonymous Aug 21, 2008 at 4:00 am

I, Anonymous


If your beloved dog is in so much pain he can't get around without wheels, mabey he's not having such a great time anyway. Are you keeping him around for his sake or yours? And yes, if I get so old I can't get to the bathroom on my own I think it's time to throw in the towel.
My cat was dying of cancer and no fucking strollers, no prescriptions, MRI's or anything else was going to cure him or make him feel any better, execpt finally saying goodbye to the best friend I ever had. There is a time to let go and that's your desision, but what kind of life is he leading if he is in so much pain can't even walk? I'm glad you have the money for that twee stroller, but I thought my cat had more dignity then to be carted around in a stroller.
Dude seriously, who steals a doggy wheel-chair? It's lame, everyone knows it, and there's no reason to kill anything (let alone your beloved pet) if they can still maintain quality of life. I hope when Sunny Dai and Tizzy get old their kids are kinder about invalids than they are.

My condolences to the writer of this I Anonymous.
By kinder I hope you mean death with dignity? I'd rather my children accept the fact that I would rather die peacebly if I could'nt live without being attached to various machines that eat/breath/digest/shit for me. However, I should mention that if my kids did decide to keep me going that the outrageous cost of hospital/hospice care that they will inevitably will have to pay via taxes (or more likely straight out of their pockets) would give them them a greater understanding to my wishes.

BTW, my cat had cancer in his mouth. He could'nt eat anything beyond baby food and was wasting away for it. And yes he was in tremendous pain. But hey, maybe if I got him a stroller he would have been better.
hey - sadistic fuck - put the poor animal out of it's misery...for Christ's sake...selfish bitch
Back when men were men and dogs were dogs we had shot guns not dog strollers.

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